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This report results from the collaboration between the Secretariat of the UCLG Committee on Culture and the Institute of

Culture of the City of Barcelona (ICUB), in the framework of the implementation of the Leading Cities Programme in Barcelona. The project aims at analysing the culture-tourism relationship from the perspectives of cultural policies and sustainable development, identifying the critical elements to be addressed locally and contributing to the reflection that this debate arouses at an international scale.
Creating synergies between cultural policy and tourism for permanent and temporary citizens, prepared by policy advisors Greg Richards and LĂ©nia Marques, delves into the challenges defined in the previous report The Relationship Between Culture and Tourism in Barcelona: Current Context and Challenges (UCLG-ICUB, 2018), mapping out some of the issues that have emerged from other previous analyses as well, including case studies from five cities facing similar concerns and focusing on the driving factors which are currently bringing culture and tourism, and permanent and temporary citizens, closer together.


Tourism Research & Marketing is an independent consultancy with a reputation for excellence and a consistent professional approach to solving our clients' problems. We produce studies and strategies which are sensitive to individual client needs and which offer practical assistance to realising their goals. Established in London in 1980, additional offices have been opened in the Netherlands, Spain and Austria to benefit from the growing opportunities in European tourism.


TRAM operates in many sectors of the tourism industry, with an emphasis on research, feasibility studies and strategies in the following core areas:

  • Tourism marketing
  • International Conference and Exhibition Research, Facility Development and Marketing
  • Tourism Attraction Feasibility, Development and Marketing
  • Cultural and creative tourism
  • Events and eventful cities
  • Youth tourism
  • Medical tourism
  • Sustainable and alternative tourism development strategies


As an independent consultancy we are fortunate to be free from conflicts of interest and other obstacles that might distract us from our goal of giving the best possible advice exclusively tailored to the product and market of the client. As a relatively small organisation we offer flexibility - our staff fully appreciate the tourism dynamic and are consequently responsive to the shifts in client requirements which inevitably occur during the life of a project.

TRAM is a member of the ATLAS global network of over 200 universities and research institutes which offers an immediate entry into current conditions in a wide range of tourism and leisure markets and "on the spot" research resources.

Our most highly prized asset is the vast wealth of knowledge and experience of the tourism industry, which has been accrued by our senior partners. All our staff shares a genuine interest in the exciting development of the business tourism industry and this ethic is underlined and inspired by Bill Richards, the senior partner.