Association for Leisure and Tourism Education (ATLAS) TRAM is a member of ATLAS, an association of universities and other research and education organisations with more than 200 members worldwide.
ATLAS Cultural Tourism Project A global survey of cultural tourism demand, activities and expenditure. Conducted regularly by ATLAS since 1992, these surveys provide the most comprehensive data source on global cultural tourism demand. Greg Richards is the initiator and current director of the ATLAS project.
Evaluation of the European Capitals of Culture, 1994-2004 Greg Richards was a member of the Palmer-Rae team which evaluated the European Cultural Capital Programme on behalf of the European Commission. Greg Richards and Robert Palmer have now produced updates to the original report, which can be ordered from the ATLAS Bookshop.
Culture Tour Austria Project to develop a comprehensive cultural tourism policy for Austria
ATLAS/WYSETC Student and Youth Travel Research Programme Greg Richards has been involved in the ATLAS/WYSETC youth tourism research since 2002. They have studied various aspects of youth travel, including independent travel patterns and demand, cultural impacts of youth travel and the state of the youth travel industry. Resources related to this project can be downloaded from the website.
Creative Tourism TRAM has been closely involved in the analysis of creative tourism, an extension and development of cultural tourism. An analysis of creative tourism is also available in the journal Tourism Management: Greg Richards and Julie Wilson - Developing creativity in tourism experiences'

In 2014 Greg produced a report for the OECD on Tourism and the Creative Economy
The Impact of Culture on Tourism Greg Richards produced a report on the role of culture in increasing the attractiveness of regions for tourism and inward investment for the OECD in 2009. The report contains an analysis of the role of culture and tourism globally as well as a number of case studies from OECD countries. Summaries available in the following languages:

Festivals Norway Advice on the development of 'eventfulness' for cities and festivals in Norway