Some of our major clients organised by type of project:

Cultural and creative tourism
European Travel Commission City tourism and culture: a strategic analysis.
European Commission Study of extent and value of cultural tourism in Europe; Textiles and Tourism. Review of European Cultural Capital Programme.
OECD Tourism Division Global study on the contribution of culture and tourism to regional attractiveness and competitiveness.

En Español: El Impacto de la Cultura en el Turismo

Report on Tourism and the Creative Industries

UNWTO Lead consultant for Conference on Metropolitan Tourism in the Asia-Pacific Region, Japan

Tourism development in Peru

Tourism and Cultures Synergy Study

Creative tourism study
City of 's Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands Feasibility study for multiannual events programme around 500th anniversary of Hieronymus Bosch

Advice on policy development surrounding 500th anniversary of Hieronymus Bosch

Evaluation of results of 500th anniversary of Hieronymus Bosch
Council of Europe Advice on the development of cultural corridors in South East Europe + Wine cultural tourism development in South East Europe
Craft Northern Ireland Scoping Study for Craft and Tourism in Northern Ireland
Ibiza Municipality, Spain Advice on development of quality tourism programme
Invent gmbh, Vienna Advice on the development of cultural tourism policy in Austria
Macau, Department of Social and Cultural Affairs, China Study of the image of Macau
Ministry of Culture, France Review of cultural heritage policy in the Netherlands.
North West Regional Development Authority, UK Cultural tourism development and marketing project under the Northern Way Programme
Norte Region of Portugal Background study on religious tourism
Open Society Institute, Azerbaijan Advice on the development of cultural tourism
Zambia NTO Creation of cultural festival to stimulate and generate international tourism.
European Cultural Capital Projects
Guimarães 2012 Visitor survey
Stavanger 2008 Advice on final report production
Luxemburg 2007 Evaluation of the Cultural Capital Programme and impacts
Sibiu 2007 Study of Cultural Capital visitors and impacts

Longitudinal monitoring of the effects of the Cultural Capital, 2001-2009

Rotterdam 2001 Study of Cultural Capital visitors and impacts
Porto 2001 Study of Cultural Capital visitors and impacts
Salamanca 2002 Study of Cultural Capital visitors and impacts
Tourism marketing
Financial Times Study of international business publishing opportunities in travel and tourism
UK North East Regional Development Authority Evaluation of the Promoting the Region Programme
Antelme et Associes (Paris) Tourism marketing in the Indian Ocean
Edinburgh City Council International Conference Centre feasibility and marketing plans; Younger Universe tourist attraction feasibility study; City marketing sponsorship study, review of Edinburgh Festivals.
International Conference and Exhibition Research, Facility Development and Marketing
Bank of Bahrain Conference Centre feasibility study Istigne, Istanbul
Greater Amman Municipality, Jordan International Exhibition Centre Feasibility Study
Netherlands Board of Tourism & Conventions Research into the UK exhibition market
Singapore Expo Generating new exhibition and conference prospects for the Asia Pacific region
Solidere, Beirut Feasibility Study for Temporary and Permanent Conference and Exhibition Facilities. Feasibility for Expo event
Arts Council Turkey Feasibility of Arts Centre, Istanbul for international conference market
British Tourist Authority Annual UK Conference and Exhibition Markets statistical surveys. USA Convention Bureaux survey.
Department of the Environment, UK Liverpool International Garden Festival, Glasgow Garden Festival, feasibility studies, marketing plans and sponsorship evaluation.
Earls Court & Olympia Econometric modelling of UK and European exhibition markets
Exhibition Venues Association Annual study and report on the value and volume of the UK exhibition sector
Wembley Exhibition Centre Feasibility study for new exhibition facilities. Training courses for overseas stadium managers
Tourism Attraction Feasibility, Development and Marketing
California Ski Industry Assocation Assessment of the European ski market and marketing plan
Holland Park, Shanghai Feasibility study for the development of a theme park in Shanghai
BAA plc Feasibility study for Heathrow Airport tourist attraction. Market study - world-wide market for theme and amusement parks
Scottish Development Agency National and International Conference Sources Databank development for STB Convention Bureau; Garden Festival feasibility. Maritime Heritage Trail and Festival, research, development and promotion East Neuk of Fife
Bulgarian State Tourist Office Marketing programme for Bulgarian spas
Sustainable and alternative tourism development strategies
City of Barcelona Study of resident attitudes to tourism, creation of tourism barometer
Ethiopia NTO Tourism development strategy, exploiting adventure tourism
EuroChile Tourism development assistance for two Southern Regions of Chile. Whale and Dolphin watching project in the Magallenes. Astronomy for tourism development
Countryside Commission, UK Development and marketing of National Trails. Feasibility and identification of sponsorship opportunities for Commission products and developments
Asian Development Bank Human resource development plan for tourism in Sri Lanka
SofiaLab, Barcelona Analysis of resort development in Tenerife
Youth Tourism
World Youth Student Educational Travel Confederation Study on business metrics for youth hostels.

Power of Youth Travel
World Youth Student Educational Travel Confederation Global language travel survey
International Student Travel Confederation Study of the cultural impacts of youth travel, global review of youth accommodation, independent traveller survey 2003, 2007, 2012, 2017
World Tourism Organisation/ISTC Study of international youth tourism policy
International Au Pair Association Annual membership survey
Tourism and Sport
Greater London Authority/Sports Council Economic impact assessment for European Football Championships 1996
Scottish Institute of Sport Foundation Study of partnership funding options for sports facilities in Scotland